Epoxy Dispense Machines

For Installing Snow Plowable and Raised Pavement Markers, Dowel Bars, Crack Repairing, and Many Other Construction Uses

For 30 years, we at Plural Component Technologies have manufactured Meter, Mix & Dispense Equipment for the construction industry. We have worked extensively with our customers developing equipment to withstand the fast pace and grueling conditions of construction contractor use. Operating outdoors, in all climates from the back of a truck and more than often in the middle of nowhere, our machines dispense epoxy fast and accurately with the reliability you cannot afford to be without.

Whether you are new to the industry or currently in operation installing raised or snowplowable pavement markers, dowel bars, or performing other epoxy dispensing operations, our machines will exceed your requirements, reduce labor and waste, while improving your profitability. Rugged, reliable and easy to operate, our equipment is the first choice of contractors around the world.

Please review our line of Epoxy Dispense Machines, or Contact Us today for additional information or machine selection assistance.

Common Dispensing Uses

Snow Plowable Pavement Marker Installation

Raised Pavement Marker Installation

Dowel Bar Installation

Crack Filling & Repairing

Other Construction Applications

Other Industrial Applications

- Snow Plowable Pavement Marker Installation

- Bridge Construction

- Raised Pavement Marker Installation

- Bridge Repair
- Solar Road Marker / Stud Insallation- Epoxy Dispensing
- Traffic Loop Detector Instllation- Epoxy Injection

- Road Delineator Installation

- Potting and Filling
- Dowel Bar / Tie Rod Installation- Adhesive Dispensing
- Concrete Crack Filling and Repairing- Resin Dispensing
- Commercial Paving- Fiberglass Electrical Insulators Assembly
- Airport Restoration- Crossarm and Guy Strain Insulators Assembly

Featured Equipment

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