Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why change from hand mixing epoxy resin and hardener in a bucket to a Plural Component Technologies meter, mix and dispense machine?
A: Here are a few reasons to consider:

  1. Eliminate the potential error of improper mix ratio.
  2. Reduce waste from over or under estimating the amount of epoxy required for the application.
  3. Waste less epoxy, increase usable time, pot life, by meter, mix and dispensing only what you need when you need it.
  4. Prevent exposure to toxic fumes and alleviate many OSHA and EPA concerns.
  5. Save time in preparation, application and clean up.


Q: What is the power required to operate your meter, mix & dispense machines?
A: Compressed air 8 - 30 SCFM @ 80-125 PSI depending on the model selected.


Q: Is heat required to reduce the viscosity when dispensing filled epoxy with your machines?
A: No, our machines are powerful with positive loading metering pumps and are unaffected by lower construction epoxy temperatures, if you can pour the epoxy into the supply tanks the machine will meter, mix and dispense it, without auxiliary heat. When operating in colder weather heating the epoxy will speed up your operation. Our Big ShotSharp Shooter and Big Squirt models are standard with insulated supply tanks and water heating coils. We also offer a water heated hose package along with a high flow dispense gun. Please see our accessories section.


Q: How frequently will I have to discard the disposable static mixer?
A: Once epoxy, both parts A & B are introduced to the static mixer a chemical reaction begins and the mixture starts to cure. The time before the epoxy is unusable is termed "Pot Life". Most construction epoxies have a pot life of 10-15 minutes, less if warmer and more if cooler, see your epoxy manufacturers recommendation. If you stop dispensing epoxy for longer then it's pot life you will have to discard the mixer. The disposable static mixer is made to discard and is relatively inexpensive.


Q: Can you recommend an epoxy supplier?
A: Yes, we work with many epoxy manufacturers along with reflective road marker and pavement sawing equipment suppliers. Contact us, we can help.


Q: What should be considered and how do I select one for your epoxy dispense machines for an application?
A: Simple, contact us, we would pleased to discuss your application, clarify any questions and recommend the right machine for you. Our seasoned experts have years of experience working with the construction industry, specifically with reflective snow plowable pavement marker, raised pavement marker and dowel bar installers, and can offer many suggestions to get you started or help with your current operation.


Q: Why should I purchase a Epoxy Dispense Machine from Plural Component Technologies?
A: Our machines have been designed exclusively for the construction industry to meter, mix and dispense filled epoxy. They are not a do all machine and are not intended for laboratory or testing use. They are powerful, weather proof, rugged, reliable and easy to operate and maintain. We offer (5) models to fit your needs and have developed many features on our machines, with the help of our customers, to insure their ease of operation. Our metering pumps are unique, they are gravity feed directly from the supply tanks and are a vacuum assisted positive loading type with volumetric displacement metering. We can meter, mix and dispense filled epoxy, with high accuracy and dispensing rates, day in and day out contract after contract.


Q: What support can be expected from, Plural Component Technologies, once a machine is purchased?
A: For 30 years, we have built our company and our reputation on manufacturing quality equipment with the philosophy no customer left behind. When you need technical assistance, be assured, we understand the importance of your call, especially if you are in the middle of a job or your crew is standing idle. We will address your situation immediately and work out any operational problems you are experiencing. If you need parts, we stock most all components and can ship the same day.


Q: What epoxy pressures do your machines develop when meter, mix and dispensing?
A: Depending on the machine model, epoxy pressures of 1,750 psi can be reached, with 125 psi compressed air supply. Adjusting the machine pump air pressure will increase or decrease the epoxy flow rate.


Q: Does Plural Component Technologies build machines to dispense materials other than epoxy?
A: Our (5) standard models (Big ShotSharp ShooterBig SquirtLittle Squirt & Mini Squirt) are designed to meter, mix and dispense filled or unfilled epoxies fast and accurately. Yes, we build other machines to meter, mix and dispense materials such as urethanes, and polyureas. Please contact us.


Q: Do you offer static mixer's other than the disposable type?
A: Yes, we have available a wide variety of static mixers. Please contact us for your specific requirements.


Q: What is the life expectancy of your metering machines?
A: With the proper maintenance and care, a long time. Our first customer, is still operating their machine. It was purchased almost 30 years ago. We have tried to sell them a newer model with a trade in allowance on their existing machine, they will not give it up!


Q: How does Plural Component Technologies meter, mix and dispense machine work?
A: Please see the "How It Works" section of our site, thank you.


Q: What is the dispensing accuracy of your machines?
A: Our machines will meter, mix and dispense, chemically reactive materials, at ratio's of 1:1 to 10:1 with the accuracy of plus-or-minus 1/2%. This accuracy is one of the highest available and is well within construction material specifications.


Q: What is and how does the machine feature "Tank Filling Assister" (5 Gallon Pail Dumper) work?
A: This feature is standard on our Big Shot and Sharp Shooter models. These models are our higher output and capacity machines with large supply tanks. The Big Shot has (2) 62 gallon supply tanks and the Sharp Shooter comes with (2) 36 gallon tanks. We developed this feature, at the request and assistance of a valued customer, to speed up, clean up and reduce waste and operator fatigue while filling the supply tanks. In operation, with the tank lid open, a 5 gallon pail of epoxy is placed into the hinged pail dumper and rotated up directly into the tank. As the pail empties the operator is free for other duties. We will continue to work with our customers to make our machines the first choice of contractors around the world.

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